Madcow 531 (C33_3C)

This morning I completed Madcow 531 (C33_3C) as follows:

Shoulder Rehab - Red micro bands

SSB Squats  3-45, 3-150, 3-175, 3-225, 3-250, 3-300, 8-225

Bench Press  5-45, 3-140, 3-165, 3-205, 3-235, 3-275, 8-205
Barbell Rows  5-135, 5-135, 5-185, 5-190, 3-225, 8-175

Weighted Dips  3x5 @ 25
DB Hammer Curls  3x6 @ 45
Rolling DB Tri Extensions  3x7 @ 30

Bodyweight: 211.6 Pounds (Down 10.6 pounds from 222.2 on 7/9)

Workout Duration: 1:04:24.10 (with 1:00 rest between sets)

Good workout today.  SSBs felt strong.  Bench wasn't my strongest today but I still got all of my reps so that was good.

On Tuesday a friend of mine, Chris Sorensen, lost his battle with cancer.  He was a strong man and at one point could bench press over 500 pounds.  He was a collegiate thrower and later competed in the Highland Games.  Cancer whittled him down to a shell of his former self.  The last time I saw him was a couple of weekends ago.  He called me "Muscles" (and I laughed and said yeah right) and asked me about my lifting.  At the time I was feeling burned out and told him I was starting to feel my age and was thinking about giving up competing.  He asked me what my best total was to this point and I told him 1070.  He asked me what I'd like to get to and I said 1200 but I wasn't sure I'd get there but that if I could get my deads and squat up a bit I could give it a run.  After that our conversation shifted to random things like football, family etc.  Later on, when I was getting ready to leave and was shaking his hand goodbye he looked at me and said good luck with my lifting and to keep it up.  He said I'd hit 1200 and beyond.  After I got the news of his passing the realization hit me that I have to keep it up to honor his faith and confidence in me.  He was one of the most positive people I've known and I'll miss him.

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