Unf*ck Your Program Beg. (4B)

This morning I completed Unf*ck Your Program Beg. (4B) as follows:

Wagon Wheel Deadlifts 3-135, 3-225, 1-315, 1-365
       1-405, 1-435, 1-465, 1-475 (vid final 2 sets below)

SSB Squats  5-65, 3-155, 3-205, 3-255, 4-290, 5-285, 6-285

Bench Press  5-45, 3-135, 3-185, 2-225, 3x6 @ 250 (vid below)

Chins  3x10
Plate L-Flyes  3x5 @ 25

Bodyweight: 216.0 Pounds (Down 6.2 pounds from 222.2 on 7/9)

Workout Duration: 1:19:31.76 h:mm:ss.ms (with 1:00 rest between sets)

Great workout at Untamed Strength.  I was really disappointed with my last deadlift workout, and I was feeling fine in terms of strength and no back soreness (even though I just pulled on Thursday) so I decided to work up to some heavy singles to see if I could get the 465 I missed on Thursday.  I got that and also was able to get 475 using the wagon wheels.  I think that puts me in a good place for the Caffeine and Kilos comp on 10/6.  Now I'll taper down in weight and use some deficit deads to strengthen up a bit from the floor and I should be set.

Bench felt good too.  I got all of my 3x6 reps at 250 and the last 2 sets didn't feel overly tough.  I'm looking forward to dropping reps and upping weight there over the next 4 weeks.

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