Unf*ck Your Program Beg. (4A)

This morning I completed Unf*ck Your Program Beg. (4A) as follows:

4" Block Pulls  3-135, 2-201, 1-245, 1-335, 1-405
         Fail-465 (vid below), Fail-465, 1-385, 3-335

Incline BP  5-45, 3-135, 3x6 @ 185

EZ Curls w/ Fat Grips  3x10 @ 75
Weighted Back Raises  3x10 @ 50

Bodyweight: 214.6 Pounds (Down 7.6 pounds from 222.2 on 7/9)

Workout Duration: 0:50:04.29 h:mm:ss.ms (with 1:00 rest between sets)

Tough workout today.  I woke up with a sore left hamstring and tight legs in general.  I briefly thought about postponing my deadlift workout today but decided to go for it anyway.  I was hoping for a new PR and was impatient to get it done.  Hindsight being 20/20, I should have postponed until tomorrow or Saturday. :D  In any case, warmups were tough and I was feeling it in my left hammy.  I decided to jump from 405 to 465 to keep from aggravating the leg worse.  My first attempt didn't seem to budge the weight at all and the second one wasn't any better.  At that point I decided to cut my losses and dropped back to 385 for a single and then to 335 for a triple.

That is a bit disheartening as heading into my meet on 10/6 I am hoping for something in the 470-480 range.  That might be a bit aggressive but I think it is still doable.  I just need to rest up for a week, hit one more good session, and then take it easy deadlift-wise heading into the 6th.

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