531 1000% Awesome(r) (C32_3B)

Tonight I completed 531 1000% Awesome(r) (C32_3B) as follows:

3" Block Pulls  3-135, 3-185, 3-225, 3-250, 3-315, 2-365
          3x2 @ 405 (vid final set below)

1.5" Deficit Deadlifts FSL  3x3 @ 315

OHP  3-95, 3-100, 2-115, 2x2 @ 125, 4-125 

DB OHP  10-30, 2x10 @ 35
DB Hammer Curls 10-30, 10-35, 8-35

DB BOLR 3x10 @ 20

Bodyweight: 217.8 Pounds (Down 4.4 pounds from 222.2 on 7/9)

Workout Duration: 57:25.08 mm:ss.ms (with 1:00 rest between sets)

Good workout at Untamed Strength.  It was their 5th pary and Alan was having a party so it was pretty packed.  I got in and got my work done, though, and it felt pretty good.

Deads felt good.  I got all of my planned reps and the final 3 sets at 405 seemed to move well.  It feels like I'm making good progress there and I'm getting ready to start pushing it harder.

I put OHP back in for the first time in a while.  I've been laying off them to give my shoulder a break.  I didn't push it too hard but my shoulder is a little tender this morning again so I'll have to watch out for those I'm thinking.

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