531 Behemoth (C32_1A)

This morning I completed 531 Behemoth (C32_1A) as follows:

Squats  5-155, 5-205, 3-230, 5x5 @ 245
Facepulls with Red Micro Band 5x20

Incline BP  10x10 @ 125
  Note: (Final 2 reps on final set were BB-style half reps as I ran out of gas)
DB BOLR 5x10 @ 15

Bodyweight: 215.6 Pounds (Down 6.6 pounds from 222.2 on 7/9)

Workout Duration: 49:39.94 mm:ss (with 1:00 rest between sets)

Good workout.  My left shoulder has really been bugging me for the last couple of days, to the point where I had trouble picking up my coffee mug yesterday with my left arm.  So I decided to go with a different template than originally planned.  The Behemoth template uses 5x5 on core lifts capping at 85% except for deads which works up to your Training Max for 3-5 reps.  For the main assistance lift, Bench or Squats you do 10x10 at no more than 50%.  I figured this would be challenging but with lighter weights so I can give me shoulder a chance to heal up.

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