531 Push/Pull/Legs (C31_2C)

This morning I completed 531 Push/Pull/Legs (C31_2C) as follows:

Squats  5-135, 5-155, 5-175, 5-195, 5-225, 3x4 @ 250

SSB Squats  5x10 @ 195
SLDL  8-179, 8-190, 8-223 (Off 4" Blocks)

Calf Raises 3x10 @ 195
Back Raises 3x15

Bodyweight: 218.0 Pounds (Down 4.2 pounds from 222.2 on 7/9)

Workout Duration: 54:06.73 mm:ss (with 1:00 rest between sets)

Great workout this morning.  This was my first day back from a 5 day camping trip where I did no lifting.  I pushed it a little by introducing the BBB sets on SSB but it is something I've been wanting to implement for a while and plan to continue for several cycles so I figured there was no time like the present especially since it is a light week.

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