531 Push/Pull/Legs (C31_2A)

Yesterday morning I completed 531 Push/Pull/Legs (C31_2A) as follows:

Deadlifts  3-135, 3-225, 3-245, 3-265, 3-315, 3x2 @ 355

3" Deficit Deadlifts (FSL)  3x3 @ 265

PRows	5-135, 5-155, 2x5 @ 175
Multi-Grip Chins  4x5 @ 20 Pounds (various grips)

Bodyweight: 217.8 Pounds (Down 4.4 pounds from 222.2 on 7/9)

Workout Duration: 40:58.31 mm:ss (with 1:00 rest between sets)

Tough, hot workout at Untamed Strength.  Thankfully it was week 2 of my program, a "5s" week (I'm doing 3/5/1), so my weights weren't too heavy.  They felt heavy though and the heat was draining me.  Instead of hitting 3x4 for my top set as planned, I went with 3x2 instead.  Also, the 1.5" blocks I usually use at Untamed for deficits were being used by someone else so I had to go with the 3" blocks...the FSL weights were very light though so this wasn't a problem.

After my superset of PRows and Chins I was pooped, so I called it a day and skipped curls and back raises.

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