531 Push/Pull/Legs (C31_1A)

This morning I completed 531 PPL (C31_1A) as follows:

4" Block Pulls	3-165, 3-201, 3-245, 3-285, 3-335, 3x3 @ 373

1.75" Deficit Deadlifts (FSL)	3x3 @ 285

PRows	5-95, 5-115, 5-135, 5-165, 5-185

Multi-Grip Chins  5x5 @ 15 (various grips)

EZ Curls    3x8 @ 65 (with Arm Blaster)
Backraises  3x12

Bodyweight: 222.2 Pounds (New Baseline -- Time to Cut Back)

Workout Duration: 56:46.87 mm:ss (with 1:00 rest between sets)

I recently re-read an article by Stan Efferding (recommended by Wendler) and was particularly struck by his quote "Lift heavy weights three times a week for an hour. Eat lots of food and sleep as much as you can."


I've been having trouble recovering lifting 4 days a week.  My diet and sleep are pretty good so I think the training frequency is my main issue.  In the article, Stan also recommended a Push, Pull, Legs training setup.  I adapted my 531 program to this and will run that for a while.  It felt good today so I'm off to a good start.

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