531 4 Day Full Body (C30_1C)

This morning I completed 531 4 Day Full Body (C30_1C) as follows:

Squats	5-135, 5-155, 3-185, 5-205, 3x4 @ 245

BP	5-115, 5-165, 5x5 @ 205
DB Hammer Curls	3x15 @ 20

DB BOLR	3x10 @ 15

DB Shrugs  15-50, 15-55, 15-60

Bodyweight: ??? Pounds (Down ??? pounds from 221.0 on 5/30)

Workout Duration: 57:46.15 mm:ss (with 1:00 rest between sets)

I had a good workout at Untamed Strength with my son.  I took the day off from work because we had to drop my wife off for a medical procedure.  We were looking to kill some time while waiting for her, so I talked him into going to the gym with me.  I got in my normal workout while he was able to shadow me and do his lifts with kettle bells and dumbbells.  Alan was cool and let me bring him in there so that was nice.

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