531 4 Day Full Body (C29_3D)

This morning I completed 531 4 Day Full Body (C29_3D) as follows:

SSB Squats  5-95, 5-115, 5-135, 5-165, 5-185, 5-215, 5-185, 5-165

Fat Bar Incline BP 5-90, 5-110, 3-130, 5-165, 3-185, 3-210 (1+)
    FSL Sets: 3x5 @ 165

KB French Press	3x12 @ 35
Upright Rows  3x6 @ 110
Decline Situps 3x10

Bodyweight: 217.6 Pounds (Down 3.4 pounds from 221.0 on 5/30)

Workout Duration: 49:58.66 mm:ss (with 1:00 rest between sets)

Good workout today.  This was my final workout of the cycle.  I debated which program/template to go with next and went back and forth between 531 (1000% Awesome, Builiding the Monolith, etc.) and Sheiko but decided to stick with a variation on 4 Day Full Body from 531 Forever.  It'll involve some SSL sets, Jokers, variations including SSB Squats, Incline Bench, and a lot of good hard work.  I'll move back to Sheiko closer to my next meet but in the meantime doing lots of sub-max 531-style work will do me good.

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