531 4 Day Full Body (C29_2D)

This morning I completed 531 4 Day Full Body (C29_2D) as follows:

SSB Squats  5-95, 5-115, 5-135, 5-155, 5-175, 5-200
    SSL Sets: 3x5 @ 175
Fat Bar Incline BP 5-90, 5-110, 3-130, 3-160, 3-175, 5-200 (3+)
    SSL Sets: 3x5 @ 160

Dips  3x10
Upright Rows  3x6 @ 100
Decline Situps 3x10

Bodyweight: 217.4 Pounds (Down 3.6 pounds from 221.0 on 5/30)

Workout Duration: 45:18.43 mm:ss (with 1:00 rest between sets)

Good workout today.  I'm enjoying 531 and it certainly feels effective.  For some reason, though, I'm missing Sheiko.  Sheiko had very tough volume of sets although reps were low, but I enjoyed the workouts.  They definitely felt good for my strength too.  I'm planning to at least stick with 531 through the rest of this cycle and then for one more cycle but then I might switch back to Sheiko for another 3-4 cycles.  Maybe I'll do that long term...3-4 cycles of Sheiko followed by 2 cycles of 531 then repeat?  Who the hell knows... :D 

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