Sheiko Workout (#32_Wk3_B)

Tonight I completed the following Sheiko Workout (#32_Wk3_B):

4" Block Pulls	3-225, 2x3 @ 265, 2x3 @ 310, 5x2 @ 335

Bench Press	5-45, 3-155, 3-185, 3-215, 4x2 @ 245 

KB Back Raises	4x4 @ 50 lbs

Bodyweight: 217.2 Pounds

Workout Duration: 0:50:40.19 h:mm:ss

Another good workout last night as my taper continues.  The volume was still somewhat high on block pulls but the weight was lower than it has been.  Everything felt good on those and on bench.  I wrapped things up with the weighted back raises using a ketllebell and called it an evening.

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