Sheiko Workout (#32_Wk1_C)

This morning I completed the following Sheiko Workout (#32_Wk1_C):

Shoulder Rehab with Red Mini Bands


4" Block Pulls  3-225, 3-260, 2-315, 1-345, 1-385, 1-430 (vid), Fail at 455, 1-445 (vid)

Bench Press	3-45, 3-155, 3-185, 3-215, 4x2 @ 230 

Incline DB BP	4x6 @ 40 
KB Back Raises	4x8 @ 50

Bodyweight: ??? Pounds

Workout Duration: 1:06:59.98 h:mm:ss
On Saturday and Sunday I did some testing as part of my Sheiko program.  On squats the max I did was 345 but that rep was high.  The weight didn't feel terrible so next time I should be able to get it and I'll focus on hitting depth.

For bench I did a solid rep at 305 with a pause at top and bottom.  The previous week I hit a max touch and go of 315 so I tried for 320 but that wasn't in the cards at this session.  With this 305, though, I feel like I should hit 303 at my comp with no issues.

For deads I continued with my block pulls to save my hips for the comp.  I worked up to 430 with the hook grip.  I then jumped to 455 and switched to mixed grip.  Somehow I lost tightness on that rep and only lifted it a few inches.  I decided to drop back to 445 and made that was a bit of a grinder but I locked it out.

Now it's back to some sub-maximal tapering work leading into my meet.

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