Sheiko Workout (#31_Wk4_C)

Last night I completed the following Sheiko Workout (#31_Wk4_C):

Shoulder Rehab with Red Mini Bands

Bench Press	5-45, 3-135, 4-175, 4-205, 4x3 @ 235

Squats	5-55, 5-165, 4-205, 3-235, 3-265, 4x2 @ 280

Incline DB BP	4x8 @ 40 

DB  Side Laterals 5x10 @ 15

KB Back Raises	5x5 @ 44

Bodyweight: 217.8 Pounds

Workout Duration: 1:30:00.00 h:mm:ss

Tough (but good) workout today.  All sets on bench felt heavy from 135 on.  My shoulders and chest were very sore, I'm guessing due to my max effort on Sunday.  I got in all reps and sets though.  Squats were a tough but depth felt good on my work sets.

This was the final workout of my prep cycle on Sheiko.  Tomorrow I start my competition cycle which means I'll have a test day on Bench and Squats on Saturday and on Deadlifts next Tuesday.  After that it'll be a gradual taper heading into May 20.  I'm looking forward to it as I think I'll wind up in a good place for my meet. :)

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