Sheiko Workout (#31_Wk3_B)

This morning I completed the following Sheiko Workout (#31_Wk3_B):

Shoulder Rehab Exercises w/ Red Mini-Bands

Deadlift (Up to Knee)	5-135, 3-225, 3-265, 3-315, 4x2 @ 355

Bench Press	5-45, 3-135, 5-155, 4-185, 3-215, 2x2 @ 250, 2x2 @ 265, 2x1 @ 280, 2x2 @ 265

3" Block Pulls  3-315, 3-355, 2x2 @ 395 (hook grip), 2x1 @ 425 (mixed grip)

KB French Press	4x8 @ 35 
Decline Situps	3x15

Bodyweight: 214.2 Pounds

Workout Duration: 1:19:46.49 h:mm:ss
Great workout today at Untamed Strength.  I started off doing a bunch of sets of bench.  The shoulders were a little sore but overall they are doing much better now.  This is the heaviest I've lifted in about a month, working up to a pair of singles at 280.  It went well.  I think I'm still on track to push for 303 or 308 at my meet next month so that is good.

Next I did sets of deadlifts up to the knee and worked up to 4 doubles at 355.  After that I did 3" block pulls and worked up to a pair of singles at 425.  I used hook grip for all sets leading up to the singles and that felt pretty good.  For my singles though I wussed out and used mix grip.  I focused on keeping the bar closer to my legs and that worked well, however, on the set in the video I allowed myself to get a little off balance and fell forward a little.  It didn't stop me from getting the lift but it is something I need to watch out for.

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