Sheiko Workout (#31_Wk2_C)

Tonight I completed the following Sheiko Workout (#31_Wk2_C):

Squats	3-55, 3-145, 5-165, 4-195, 3-235, 2x2 @ 265, 3x2 @ 280, 2x3 @ 265

Bench Press w/ Duffalo Bar	5-55, 3-145, 4-155, 3-185, 4x3 @ 215

SSB Squats (Pause on Box)	3-65, 3-155, 5-195, 4x5 @ 215
KB French Press 4x8 @ 44

Bodyweight: 214.2 Pounds

Workout Duration: 1:17:18.95 h:mm:ss
Another damn good workout.  My legs were a little sore going in but everything loosened up and squats felt good.  Nothing was too heavy but it all felt good.  My body seems to be healing up and getting stronger with the Sheiko so that's a win.

I'm enjoying working out at Untamed Strength.  There were a lot of strong dudes there last night and that gave me some motivation to work a little harder.  Long term I think that'll definitely pay dividends.

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