Sheiko Workout (#31_Wk1_C)

This morning I completed the following Sheiko Workout (#31_Wk1_C):

Shoulder Rehab Exercises w/ Red Mini Band

Squats	3-45, 3-135, 5-185, 4-215, 3-250, 4x2 @ 280

Bench Press	3-45, 3-135, 5-155, 4-185, 3-215, 4x3 @ 250

Squats	3-165, 3-200, 3-230, 4x2 @ 265

Dips - Skipped

KB French Press 4x8 @ 35
Back Raises 5x10 @ 35

Bodyweight: 216.8 Pounds

Workout Duration: 1:21:16.56 h:mm:ss
Another good workout today.  This ends my first week of Sheiko and so far so good.  The workouts have a lot of sets and take longer to finish than I like (usually I like to keep sub 1 hour if possible) but they definitely feel effective.  Squats felt good today and my shoulders are feeling better on bench every session.  I have been playing around with bench width the last couple of sessions and am now pretty much able to bench with either narrow or wide grips.

I did skip dips today to take it easy on my shoulders and keep from pushing too hard too fast.

I'm itching to get back to deads in a few sessions so I can improve my form and move closer to the bar...have to be patient though. :D 

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