Blevins AI Workout (Cycle1_Wk3_A)

This morning I completed the following Blevins AI Workout (Cycle1_Wk3_A):

Pre-Workout Shoulder Rehab Exercises

Bench Press	5-45, 3-135, 5-155, 4-185, 4x4 @ 215

Squats	5-55, 5-145, 5-165, 3-205, 3x5 @ 235

Block Pulls (3" Blocks)	5-135, 3-225, 2-315, 7x3 @ 350

Bodyweight: 216.8 Pounds

Workout Duration: 1:24:04.03 h:mm:ss
Great workout today at Untamed Strength gym in Sacramento.  I worked on each of the Big 3 today and got a good sweat going.  It was definitely a positive session.

I have been focusing on rehabbing my shoulders for the past several days.  I've been doing lots of band work and also I've slept on the sofa for the past 4 nights to keep from sleeping on my shoulders.  Both of those things seem to be making a difference for the better.

For programming I'm thinking I'll stick with the Blevins AI workout.  I've been enjoying my Andy Baker program but it has me doing stuff at 90% which is just too high for my shoulders right now.  With it's higher volume and lower weights (on bench in particular) the Blevins is much easier on my shoulders.  The other option is to mix in some Sheiko which is also lower weight but even has more's possible I'll move to that as my shoulders heal up.

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