4Day H/L Workout (Cycle2_Wk2_C)

This morning I completed a 4Day H/L Workout (Cycle2_Wk2_C) as follows:

Squats  3-135, 3-175, 2-205, 1-235, 3x5 @ 270 (RPE 7.5)
Band Facepulls  6x20 @ Red Mini Band

SLDL  6-175, 6-205, 4x6 @ 235
Back Raises 6x10 @ BW

Bodyweight: 215.0 Pounds

Workout Duration: 47:34.87 mm:ss (with 1:00 rest between sets)
Very good workout today.  Squats felt good.  The top 3 sets of 5 at 270 were challenging but not overly so.  I think my strength is building up and my body is recovering well on this program.  I think I'm in a good position for my final push going into my May meet.

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