4Day H/L Workout (Cycle2_Wk1_A)

This morning I completed a 4Day H/L Workout (Cycle2_Wk1_A) as follows:

Multi-Grip OHP	5-55, 4-65, 3-75, 2-85, 3x8 @ 95 (RPE 6)
	Note: All reps done from nose level pin setting on rack
Band Pull-aparts	7x10 @ red micro band

Fat Bar Decline Bench Press	6-90, 6-140, 4x6 @ 180
Bent Over Rows	6-155, 6-175, 4x6 @ 210

Upright Rows  3x6 @ 110
French Press  3x8 @ 65

Bodyweight: ??? Pounds

Workout Duration: 47:06.39 mm:ss (with 1:00 rest between sets)

Good workout today.  Well it's official, I'm what you would call a "Program Jumper"...have been for a while. :D  Seriously though I've been floundering over the past month trying to find the perfect program.  I ran several flavors of BBMedicine programs for a couple of weeks and honestly didn't really feel a fit with them.  I then started the Blevin's AI program last week and liked the flow of the workouts but after looking at my plan for the next month realized that I'm "majoring in the minors" with it and that I don't think it'll peak me properly for my meet in May.  Also, it was leaving me tired and feeling like I wasn't recovering properly.  The more I thought about it and the more I looked back through my journal I realized that I was doing best several months back when I was running a basic 4 Day U/L Heavy/Light split based on programming from Andy Baker.  I ran that for several months, felt like my shoulders were healing up, back felt pretty good, strength was building up...I then attempted to fix somehting that wasn't broke.  I'm calling an audible and going back to that program.  I need to stop looking around, stick with what works, buckle down, build some strength, and try to set some new PRs in May.  Back on track...

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