Blevin’s AI workout (Cycle1_Wk1_C)

This morning I completed the Blevin's AI workout (Cycle1_Wk1_C) as follows:

Squats  5-45, 3-155, 2-190, 1-225, 10x2 @ 260 (RPE 7-8.5)
Comp Grip Bench Press 5-45, 3-145, 2-175, 2x5 @ 210 (RPE 6)

SLDL  8-175, 8-225, 8-245 (RPE 6)

V-Grip Lat Pulldowns  3x10 @ 100
Planks  3 sets x 30 seconds

Bodyweight: 216.4 Pounds

Workout Duration: 57:54.12 h:mm:ss

Good workout today.  THe squats weren't heavy but it was still a challenge to do the full 10 sets of 2.  10 sets of anything is a good way.  Bench was light too but it felt good to get some blood flow into my shoulders.

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