Blevin’s AI workout (Cycle1_Wk1_A)

This morning I completed the Blevin's AI workout (Cycle1_Wk1_A) as follows:

Block Pulls 3-155, 3-205, 3-245, 2-295, 2-325, 8x2 @ 345 (RPE 7-9)
Band Pullaparts 6x10 @ Red Micro Band

3" Spoto Press  3-45, 3-145, 3-175, 3-195, 2x5 @ 210 (RPE 7-7.5)

SSB Squats  3-155, 3-190, 3x8 @ 205 (RPE 8-9)

Bodyweight: 217.4 Pounds

Workout Duration: 50:27.37 h:mm:ss
Excellent workout today.  Today was my first workout with my new Blevin's AI program and so far so good.  I did make one change and went with my 4" block pulls instead of pulling deads from the floor.  With the back problems I've been having recently I think this was a wise choice and from past experience I don't think it'll negatively impact my strength.  Plus, it means I can sit and walk around without pain which is a nice change. :)

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