HLM workout (BakerMadcow_3B)

This morning I completed the following HLM workout (BakerMadcow_3B) as follows:

Block Pulls Warmups: 3-155, 3-205, 3-245, 2-295, 2-340
  Worksets: 3x2 @ 395 (RPE 9)
	Note: All sets done from 4" Blocks with a mix of Sumo and Conventional Sets
Multi-Grip OHP	3-75, 3-95, 3-105, 3x2 @ 115 (RPE 7.5)

SSB Box Squats	3-155, 3-185, 3x2 @ 225 (RPE 7)

Bodyweight: 212.8 Pounds

Workout Duration: 50:35.16 h:mm:ss
Good workout today.  I skipped my rest day and went back to back with yesterday's workout so I could line things up to go to Untamed Strength on Saturday.  My back was only mildly sore so I was able to get in all my sets.  I did sumos for my warmups to take it a little easy on my back and that felt good.

I used my new bar for deadlifts and that worked out great.  It is a American Barbell Stainless Precision Training Bar that I picked up used from the Play It Again Sports in Chico this weekend.  It is an Olympic Bar with a milder, yet grippy knurl that I think will work well for hooked grip.  This morning I gave that a go and used the hook grip for my first set at 395.  After that I used a hook/mixed combo and went with straps on my final set (my thumbs could't take the final set).  I think I'll get used to it, though, and turn to hook a majority of the time in the near future.

Link to info about the bar:

American Barbell Stainless Precision Training Bar




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