HLM workout (BakerMadcow_2C)

This morning I completed the following HLM workout (BakerMadcow_2C) as follows:

Squats  Warmups: 3-45, 3-135, 3-185, 2-210, 1-240
        Worksets: 3-285, 8-210 (202 Tempo)
Band Facepulls  5x15 @ Red Micro Band

Bench Press Warmups: 3-45, 3-140, 3-175, 2-200, 1-225
            Worksets: 3-270, 8-200 (1-2 Second Pause)
Pendlay Rows Warmups: 5-110, 5-155, 5-175, 5-205
            Worksets: 3-220, 8-205

Bodyweight: 214.0 Pounds

Workout Duration: 49:19.53 h:mm:ss

Good workout today on my "Medium" day.  I did a 4 mile hilly trail run yesterday so my legs were a bit sore going into squats but they loosened up and felt pretty good.  My shoulder is still barking at me in bench but I was able to get my top set of 3 in so that was a win.  All in all, trucking along and getting my sets/reps in according to plan.

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