HLM workout (BakerMadcow_2A)


This morning I completed the following HLM workout (BakerMadcow_2A) as follows:
Squats Warmups: 3-45, 3-135, 3-155, 3-185, 2-210, 2-240
Worksets: 3x5 @ 260 (RPE 8-9.5)
Band Pullaparts 6x10

Bench Press Warmups: 3-140, 2-175, 2-205, 2-225
Worksets: 3x5 @ 250 (RPE 8-9.5)
Rows Warmups: 5-115, 5-137, 5-162, 5-180
Worksets: 3x5 @ 202 (RPE 6)

90 Deg Back Raises 4x10
Decline Situps 1x5 (low back was hurting so I stopped these)

Bodyweight: 214.2 Pounds

Workout Duration: 1:03:58.54 h:mm:ss

Good workout today. My low back is still in some pain from deads the other day...I think I strained my SI joint somehow so I didn't push it too hard on squats today. It pinched the nerve a few times in the hole on squats so my last 2 sets I stopped just at parallel (or a little above). Still was able to get some good work in.

My right shoulder was barking bench so I went with a little bit wider grip. That seemed to work OK and let me get my 3x5. :)

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