Barbell Medicine Strength (Workout_2B)

This morning I completed Barbell Medicine Strength (Workout_2B) as follows:

Deadlifts Warmups: 3-155, 2-205, 2-245, 1-295, 1-335
        Worksets: 2-405 (RPE 9), 3-320 (RPE 8 ), 3-320 (RPE 8 )

303 Tempo Squats  Warmups: 3-45, 3-135
        Worksets: 8-179 (RPE 7 ), 8-190 (RPE 8 ), 6-200 (RPE 9), 10-200 (RPE 9)
Neutral Grip OHP  Warmups: 3-65, 2-75, 1-95, 1-115
        Worksets: 1-130 (RPE 8 ), 5x5 @ 105 (RPE 6)

Bodyweight: 216.8 Pounds

Workout Duration: 1:01:52.87 h:mm:ss

Tough workout today.  My deads started off OK.  I did them from the floor instead of using my usual 4" Blocks.  The plan called for a heavy single at 400 followed by 5x5 @ 320.  Well me being a dumb shit I did a double at 405 and then on my first set of 320 my lower back really started barking.  I think I must've tweaked it on the second rep at 405.  In any case, I did a set of 3 at 320 and then did one more set of 320 and by then my back was really tightening up so I called it on deads.

Surprisingly the squats felt OK.  It was my first time trying to do 303 Tempo squats and my first several sets looked more like 101 or 202 sets (one of these is in my video).  By my final 2 sets though I was getting the hang of it and they felt OK.  I kept the weight pretty light on these to get a feel for them.

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