The Bridge (C1_Workout_1B)

This morning I completed The Bridge (C1_Workout_1B) as folows:

2 Count Pause Squats  Warmups: 5-45, 3-135, 2-185, 2-215
        Worksets: 4-245 (RPE 7), 4-255 (RPE 8), 4-260 (RPE 9)
Band Pullaparts	5x10
Football Bar OHP:  Warmups: 3-75, 3-85
        Worksets: 5-95 (RPE 6), 5-100 (RPE 7), 5-105 (RPE 8)

Pendlay Rows	5-135, 8-170 (RPE 6), 8-180 (RPE 7), 2x8 @ 185 (RPE 8)
Decline Fat Bar Bench Press	6-90, 6-160, 3x5 @ 204

Bodyweight: 212.6 Pounds

Workout Duration: 1:05:47.75 h:mm:ss

Excellent workout today.  This was my second workout following the Bridge and I'm really liking it.  I still plan to follow it until 4/1 when my online programming with Barbell Medicine will start.

I'm used to more volume than these first few weeks of the Bridge offer so I did 5 sets of Decline BP along with my PRows.  I'm still dealing with a right shoulder issue and this movement is very easy on my shoulder while still allowing me to get some extra pressing volume in.  It also helped to loosen my shoulder up some following the presses.  I dropped weight considerably on OHP after my injury and I'm working on building back up.

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