The Bridge (C1_Workout_1A)

This morning I completed The Bridge (C1_Workout_1A) as folows:

Squats  Warmups: 3-135, 3-175, 2-205, 
        Worksets: 5-245 (RPE 6),5-260 (RPE 7), 5-265 (RPE 8)
Block Pulls:  Warmups: 3-175, 3-225, 1-265
        Worksets: 7-305 (RPE 6), 7-320 (RPE 7), 7-330 (RPE 8)
CGBP:  Warmups: 3-135, 2-185, 1-225
        Worksets: 4-255 (RPE 7 / Really 9), 4-255 (RPE 9.5), 4-245 (RPE 10)

Bodyweight: ??? Pounds

Workout Duration: 51:48.68 mm:ss

Good challenging workout.  I'm still waiting to receive my monthly workout from Barbell Medicine so in anticipation of that I shifted to following their Bridge program.  I figure whatever they give me will be similar to that so it would be good to get use to their workout layout and also to using RPE.

For the most part everything went well but I overshot my mark on CGBP.  It was supposed to be RPEs of 7, 8, and 9, but instead wound up being RPE 9, then the same weight for 9.5 then a drop in 10 pounds for RPE 10.  That's ok though as hopefully I'll get a better feel for that as I go.

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