Powerbuilding/4Day H/L Workout (3E_KSC)

This morning I completed a Powerbuilding/4Day H/L Workout (3E_KSC) as follows:

Bench Press	5-135, 4-155, 3-190, 2-225, 1-250, 3x2 @ 280
Band Pullaparts	5x10

Multi-Grip OHP	6x6 @ 85
Multi-Grip Chins	6-BW, 6-BW+10, 4x6 @ BW+25

DB Hammer Curls	3x10 @ 25
Dips	3x8 @ BW+25

Bodyweight: ??? Pounds

Workout Duration: 45:31.91 mm:ss

Great workout todaay.  My right shoulder was barking a bit but I moved my BP grip a little wider than usual and that helped.  I also used the angled-neutral grip on OHP and that helped some too.

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Doing bench doubles at 280. Set 2/3 #slavinstrength

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