Powerbuilding/4Day H/L Workout (3C_KSC)


This morning I completed a Powerbuilding/4Day H/L Workout (3C_KSC) as follows:

Multi-Grip OHP	5-50, 4-60, 3-75, 2-85, 1-100, 2-100, 3x2 @ 110
	Note: All reps done from nose level pin setting on rack
Band Pull-aparts	5x10 @ red micro band

Fat Bar Decline Bench Press	6-120, 6-160, 4x6 @ 195
Bent Over Rows	6-155, 5x6 @ 205

Bodyweight: ??? Pounds

Workout Duration: 40:28.33 mm:ss (with 1:00 rest between sets)

Great workout.  For OHP I did pin presses using my new spotter arms set at nose level.  This was to workaround the shoulder pain I've been having in my right shoulder since my meet on 1/27.  The shoulder is getting better but is still painful during OHP.  This pin position really helped and I was able to get all my reps in and they actually felt light so maybe I can make progress getting back to my former OHP strength levels while my shoulder is healing.  My shoulder feels tight today so I will do some mobility work later to stretch it out.

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