Kick Ass Powerbuilding (C29_Workout1I_Hepburn)

This morning I completed Kick Ass Powerbuilding (C29_Workout1I_Hepburn) as follows:

Bench Press  3-115, 3-140, 2-185, 1-225, 5x2 @ 250
Band Facepulls  20
Block Pulls   3-155, 3-205, 2-245, 1-295, 5x2 @ 345
  Note: All reps done from 4" blocks

Bench Press 3x6 @ 205
Block Pulls 3x6 @ 280
  Note: All reps done from 4" blocks

Bodyweight: ??? Pounds

Workout Duration: 43:03.36 mm:ss (with 1:00 rest between sets)

Good workout this morning.  After doing the first two workouts of the Hepburn Method I watched a Steve Shaw video on YouTube where he said that he prefers the program using 5x2 or 6x2 instead of 8x2.  Since he also wrote up the 8x2 version of the program I had been following on the Muscle & Strength website, I decided to use his "preferred" method of the program.  Also, I upped my weights to a true 80% of 1RM for each of the lifts.  I gave the new version a run today and enjoyed it more.  On the deads in particular I feel much less beat up than I did after the 8x2.

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