Kick Ass Powerbuilding (C29_Workout1H_KSC)

Yesterday evening I completed Kick Ass Powerbuilding (C29_Workout1H_KSC) as follows:

Multi-Grip Chins  3x10 @ bodyweight
Chest Supported Rows	8-90, 8-80, 8-80 
Lat Pulldowns	12-115, 10-130, 10-130
DB Shrugs	15-65, 15-70, 15-80
BB Curls	8-70, 8-80, 8-70
DB Hammer Curls	12-25, 12-25, 12-25

Bodyweight: ??? Pounds

Workout Duration: 34:00.00 mm:ss (with 1:00 rest between sets)

I worked out at Ironworks gym with my brother which was fun.  Good straight forward back and bis day.  I'm liking the mix of BB and PL workouts in this Powerbuilding programming.  Hopefully it'll pay some dividends in making me look like I actually lift...along with a renewed focus on clean eating. :)

In a few minutes, it's on to Deads and Bench.

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