Kick Ass Powerbuilding (C29_Workout1E_KSC)

This morning I completed Kick Ass Powerbuilding (C29_Workout1E_KSC) as follows:

Squats  5-115, 4-140, 3-170, 5-185, 3-215, 8-230, 8-230, 1-230 (Sore Left Hammy on last set)
  Note: All squats done to 14" Box
Shoulder Rok  4x10 @ 5 pounds + bar (each set was 5 per side)

SLDL  5-155, 5-205, 3x5 @ 255
  Note: All reps done from 4" blocks

Weighted DB Step Ups  3x10 @ 20 pounds (each set was 10 per leg)
  Note: All step ups done to 14" Box
Decline Situps  10, 10, 15
Calf Raises   3x10 @ 185

Bodyweight: ??? Pounds

Workout Duration: 1:17:48.20 mm:ss (with 1:00 rest between sets)

Good tough workout.  The squats started off well but going in to my last set I got a bad cramp in my left hammy.  I decided to try the last set anyway but my leg felt painful enough that I shut it down to prevent an injury.  For my next exercise I changed from SSB Squats to SLDL in hopes of stretching out my hammy some.  Basically it felt like I had a bad case of EOMS (early onset muscle soreness). :D 

At that point my son joined my in the garage/gym.  That extended my workout time some but I always try to encourage him to come out there and have fun when he does. :)

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