Kick Ass Powerbuilding (C29_Workout1C_KSC)

This morning I completed Kick Ass Powerbuilding (C29_Workout1C_KSC) as follows:

Multi-Grip Chins  5x10 @ bodyweight

Bent Over Rows  4x10 @ 155
Lat Pulldowns   10-110, 8-110, 8-105, 8-105

Facepulls  20-50, 4x15 @ 50
Shrugs    3x15 @ 225

Bodyweight: ??? Pounds

Workout Duration: 37:00.00 mm:ss (with 1:00 rest between sets)

Good workout today.  I felt like I strained my left trap a little on my last set of shrugs.  After my workout I applied some Arctic Sports Balm and that seemed to help.  I'll be curious to see how it feels tomorrow for bench day.

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